vendredi 7 septembre 2007

Agnès de Cayeux - "Je cherche Lily Drake" (2007)

Born in Paris in 1966, lives and works in Paris.

Agnès de Cayeux is looking for Lily drake. Lily is 22 years old and bisexual. She charges 750 Linden dollars for 30 minutes with her, and 1350 Linden dollars for 30 minutes with her and one of her girlfriends. Lily Drake likes listening to music, meeting interesting people, watching films and dancing. She likes shopping, lots and lots of shopping.

Selection of gestures
2007 "Second Life, a Possible World" (ed.) Essay. To be published in October. Des Petits Matins, Paris
2007 Justagurl23. Video, 43 mn. SCAM Writing fellowship. To be released on october 22.
2007 "Mutant Being, Me Connected" Book. L'Eclose, Paris.
2007 "MissKitten". Digital impressions.
2006 "Level 7" Video. Festival P., Centre Pompidou, Paris.
2005 "In my room. Variable piece: 1) a reading room ( ; 2) a book, Arte Editions and L'Eclose, Paris, 2006,, Paris, 2006 ; 3) z network installation (Arte festival, Art Centre, Noisiel, 2005 ; Flash Festival, Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2005 ; Théâtre Paris la Vilette, Paris, 2004).

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