vendredi 7 septembre 2007

Miltos manetas - "SuperMario sleeping" (1997 ; 2007)

Born in Athens in 1964, lives and works in London.

After getting noticed for his oil paintings on canvas of technological objects (games consoles, screens, etc.), he created many video installations from video game sequences in particular. He initiated the Neen movement, which sees itself as a creative and opportunistic use of technologies for a purpose that is completely different to what was originally intended. Here, Miltos Manetas presents a new version of his play, “SuperMario sleeping”. The symbolic character of Nintendo consoles, dozing, is in the exhibition space on Second Life: it is a nod in the direction of the famous film “Sleep” by Andy Warhol.

Selected solo exhibitions :

2007 « The internet paintings »,Blow de la Barra Gallery, London, United Kingdom.
2006 « Dogs and cables », Yvon Lambert Gallery, New York, USA.
2005 « Manetas and animations », Sketch Gallery, London, United Kingdom.
2004 « Memoirs of the Devil », Cosmic Gallery, Paris, France.
2000 « Neen », Gagosian Gallery, New York, USA.

Selecte group exhibitions :

2007 « Dazed and confused versus Andy Warhol », Baltic centre for contemporary Art, Gateshead, United Kingdom.
2005 Valencia Bienial, Spain.
2005 Praga Bienial II, Czech Republic.
2004 « Mediacity Seoul », Seoul art museum, Seoul, South Korea.
2000 « Murakami-Manetas, PinkSummer, Genoa, Italy.

Internet site :

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