vendredi 7 septembre 2007

Andreas Angelidakis - "Cloud House" (2007)

Born in Athens in 1968, lives and works in Athens.
Member of the Neen movement and a qualified architect, he works at the intersection of digital culture and architectural production. His works often mix virtual objects and real works. He intends to inaugurate a new type of architecture which make humans and machines better suited. Here Andreas Angelidakis presents a video-conference on his work, based on the different aspects of the Internet. He also exhibits a building in Second life. Angelidakis explains that as early as the first sketches on-line in a virtual universe, visitors can come to see the projects being drawn up and walk around. Construction and production are mixed together to form only one.

Selected solo exhibitions :

2006 « Hotel Blue Wave », INMO Gallery, Los Angeles, USA.
2005 « Blue wave », Mu Foundation, Eindhoven, Netherlands.
2003 « Neen World », The Breeder Projects, Athens, Greece.
2001 « Visionnaire 34 featuring Andreas Angelidakis », Visionnaire Gallery, New York, USA.

Selected group exhibitions :

2007 « Sohno Da Case Propria », Casa Encenida, Madrid, Spain.
2006 « SuperNeen », Pack Gallery, Milan, Italy.
2004 « NeenToday », Mu Foundation, Eindhoven, Netherlands.
2002 « Big Brother : Architecture + Surveillance », National Museum of contemporary art, Athens, Greece.
2002 « 12th city », with Armin Linke, 25th Sao Paulo Bienial, Brazil.

Internet Site :

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